Projects Scaling & Growth Program​

Your project deserves to reach higher levels of professionalism... Your project is growing and expanding with our program.

What is the program?

It is an advanced professional program dedicated to existing projects that want to expand, grow, increase sales, and develop, as it is based on providing solutions to the challenges facing the project. And search for opportunities that the project can invest in to double the results and start with advanced methods and techniques.

The program is customized to provide the exact services your project needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution but is uniquely tailored to your project’s situation and the market it operates in.

After analyzing your project’s status and understanding the purpose of enrolling in the program, we agree upon a set of services. These could include creating plans and strategies, devising expansion and growth strategies, offering a series of technical consultations, and more specialized services.

What makes this program different?

Before you pay, you can book an evaluation meeting to find out the exact details of the program and to answer any inquiries you have

Program investment value starts from


Who is this program for?

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The number of beneficiaries of the existing project development program until 6/2023

feedback from our valued customers we were happy to work with

Anisa Al Sharif - UAE

Founder and Executive Director - tanshi2a


“Working with Alaa was enriching, enjoyable, and beneficial. Alaa’s ability to listen to our needs and her flexibility in dealing with us is amazing, which is the main reason we contracted with her and her team from the start. Alaa was professional and had a great understanding of the needs, challenges, and obstacles faced by small companies. Thank you, Alaa. We are proud and grateful to work with you.”

Fatima Al Sahli - Italy

Child Nutrition and Food Allergy Specialist


“Alaa provided me with sweet and new ideas that I started using in my project, and I noticed a difference shortly after applying them. Frankly, I felt that she was keen on developing the project as if it were her own. Not just flattery, but in my opinion, there is no one more capable and competent in this field than her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Majd Hammami - Palestine

Mental Health Specialist


“I worked with Alaa to relaunch my project, which focuses on empowering women’s mental health. We worked together with directions and consultations, setting up management and financial plans for the project. I am thankful for this work and the professionalism in dealing with it, the encouragement to relaunch, the guidance, and the organization of ideas with high professionalism. In addition to her cheerful spirit, she eased the pressure of relaunching for me. I highly recommend working with Alaa and her team to facilitate your project’s work and keep it in its best form.”

What will the path of the program be like?

Meet the Business Consultant at PIVOT

Ala Biqawi